Our departments

Alfen is organised in three business units: Smart grid solutions, Energy storage systems and EV charging equipment. Within each business unit, Alfen offers challenging job opportunities in various departments.

The three business units are as follows:

Smart grid solutions   Alfen develops and produces transformer substations for grid operators and designs and develops local electricity grids and energy solutions for solar parks and the greenhouse horticulture industry. This increasingly requires own software, back-end management for remote operation and complex energy management systems.
Energy storage systems     In terms of energy storage, Alfen is active in the development, production and installation of a wide range of modular energy storage systems under its own brand TheBattery. Energy storage is used for energy companies, grid operators, large and small energy producers and traders, providers of EV (fast)charge services and industrial businesses.
EV charging equipment Since 2008, Alfen develops and produces charging stations for all sorts of electric vehicles. The Alfen EV charging business unit offers a range of smart EV charge points, connected to the internet and suitable to be used at home, work or in public spaces. These charge points are available for different levels of charging capacities and functionalities. We are a leading market power in the Netherlands and have considerable market positions in other European countries.

Our departments, all in a row:

  • Research & Development
  • Service
  • Projects
  • Sales
  • Procurement and logistics
  • Staff
  • Assembly
  • Sales support

Research & Development

We are proud of our in-house developed innovative products. It offers us clout to act fast and incisively, distinctive capability and flexibility. Our R&D department is working on innovations that will shape the future energy scene. We have specialised teams in the field of software, electrical engineering, power electronics and mechanical engineering. By merging these disciplines, Alfen can easily adapt, create and bring new concepts and products to the market as well as further implementing developments to its own products.

Alfen employees R&D


Our clients do not only desire the most innovative solutions, but also require the appropriate and accompanying service. Our service department offers the clients a service contract, for instance one including annual inspections, maintenance and solutions when problems occur. Due to automation, we are able to read out more products remotely, containing valuable information for offering service (preventively). This department ensures that all current clients receive service to the best of our ability and are continuously looking to improve and expand.

Employees Alfen service department


The projects department is concerned with aligning our products and solutions with the specific situation of our clients. For instance, energy storage systems should work together optimally with the local sustainable energy production; in order to provide a large greenhouse complex with reliable energy, a local energy grid is required. Our multidisciplinary project teams work hard to realise our projects at our projects department.

Alfen EV charging Eve Double Pro nature


Our sales department facilitate the launch of our products and solutions to the market. We are organised according to our three business lines: Smart grid solutions, EV charging equipment and Energy storage systems. These international teams work closely together, increasingly to be able to offer integrated solutions to our clients, for example a charging square for electric cars, combined with a smart grid and local energy storage.

Jan-Anne Hoekstra Alfen Sales

Procurement and logistics

The market in which Alfen operates is changing fast and Alfen is booming. Our teams in the field of procurement and logistics are at the core of our organisation. they ensure the right equipment is present at the right location on time, so our clients are facilitated in timely fashion.

With quality as its focal point, this department ensures the just-in-time delivery of products and projects.

Alfen Employee Supply chain


A booming organisation evidently needs sufficient professional support. Our HR department ensures the development of our staff, manages our own business school and recruits new employees. IT takes care of all systems for our staff members, but also enables client portals, smooth functioning and prepares for the future in terms of growth, complexity and internationalisation. The Finance department is concerned with the correct administration and reporting and creates insights in the development of the company. The Marketing & Communication department conveys the Alfen messaging to the outside world and safeguards consistent brand recognition as well as attracting qualitative leads for the sale of our products.



Our transformer substations, charge points and energy storage systems are produced in our factory in Almere. Each product group has its own characteristics. Proper and correct assembly of the transformer substations is paramount before running 10,000 volt through the cables. Assembly of energy storage systems and charge points for electric cars requires a specific affinity with delicate electronics such as circuit boards. Our teams have to utmost attention for safety, quality and are continuously researching improvement opportunities.

Employees Alfen transformer substations

Sales support

Our sales support department takes care of transcribing a question or problem from the client to the best possible solution. The team supports the sales team in making quotations.

Additionally, the sales support department ensures an optimal and smooth transmission from an order to the production and project departments.