Internship assignment samples

Review a number of sample traineeship assignments that have taken place at Alfen recently. Are you also interested in an internship or a final thesis project at Alfen? Contact our recruiter, Janine Keizerweerd.

Vmbo / mbo electrical engineering

Vmbo / mbo interns play a full part in the production of charging stations or the building of low-voltage racks for transformer stations. This means that you learn how to independently build products with the help of flowcharts.


During the working experience internship in the Marketing & Communication department, you are really a part of the team. One of our interns, for example, helped in setting up and getting involved in a trade fair. She also took care of the mail shots and helped to produce our magazine.

The working experience apprenticeship on the Logistics department as part of the training programme for the Logistics & Transport Manager meant that the intern carried out all the work that came his way. That included taking delivery of commodities and making goods packages ready for shipment in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition, we offer a variety of lean improvement projects in which the intern can think along and contribute to the creation of a new way of shipping new products.


Alfen offers a range of work experience apprenticeships and final thesis projects to hbo students. Both in technical departments as well as in support units.

One of our interns, for example, looked into how the serviceability of electric vehicle charging stations could be improved, thereby saving time and money. This was a personal research assignment as a co-maker. This student was granted the opportunity to fully focus on this assignment throughout his apprenticeship.

We also have a regular flow of interns in our HR department. Generally speaking, these interns combine working experience on the department with completing a school assignment. The work of the department consists of processing employee transitions, drawing up contracts and other administrative activities.

One of our HR interns used his apprenticeship to map the career and promotion prospects within Alfen. He conducted interviews on various departments to assess what is truly needed in terms of know-how, ability and interest to put the most into and get the most out of a job at Alfen. His flowchart now makes it clear to all employees how they can influence their own professional development at the company.

Or, in the words of a former trainee: "A solid company that gives you a realistic idea of what work in practice actually means alongside your school assignments, and where you can kickstart new initiatives at the same time.

Higher education

At university level, Alfen offers various traineeship options, both work experience and as final thesis projects. On the R&D department, for example.

A Sustainable Energy student in his final year at the TU Twente was given the assignment to investigate the impact of external air temperature on the heating/cooling of our battery storage systems. On the basis of his findings, a graphical sheet was drawn up from which the impact of the outside temperature on battery temperature could be deduced and the subsequent energy loss. Partially thanks to this graduation project, it can now be determined which form of cooling is most appropriate to the circumstances in which the battery is placed.

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