Sophie: 'I was given a taste of the business sector'

Sophie was looking for an internship - and via LinkedIn came into contact with Alfen employees. In no time at all she had an internship on the Marketing department. 'Alfen is a fantastic training company'

"My name is Sophie Kamman, studying International Business Management at the Amstelland ROC, I'm in my second year and I'm passionate about marketing, business administration and music. I was looking for a marketing-oriented internship for my second academic year, but I couldn't find a company that really grabbed my attention. Then I decided to introduce myself on my LinkedIn page and talk about my quest for a suitable traineeship.

"A few days later I received a reply from John de Haas (recruiter) and Johan de Vries (Head of Marketing). And then I knew this was for me, Alfen was the place I wanted to be and it couldn't have worked out better."

'Trailing our marketing manager'

"School hadn't saddled me with a particular assignment. So the objective of my internship was to follow the marketing manager around and to pick up everything I could from this professional."

Sophie says her internship provided her with plenty of opportunities. "I was asked to staff our stand at a trade fair, got a real taste for business, was able to handle this and that and learned a lot about the things that come a marketing manager's way. I was thrown in at the deep end, but I could always fall back on my colleagues Johan and Lotte."

'Fantastic training company'

"Alfen is a fantastic training company because you are given your own space to develop, you are truly a team member. You are allocated your own tasks, you become increasingly independent but always have a shoulder to turn to within Alfen. In addition, you get the chance to work in a forward-looking company, and that is a unique opportunity."

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