Alfen participates in pilotproject PowerParking 17-08-2017


An innovative pilot project called PowerParking will be implemented at the Lelystad Airport Business Park. Once completed, it will turn car parks into sustainable power plants.

These car parks are equipped with roofs with solar panels, which harvest energy to charge electric vehicles and power public lighting.

Any excess energy is temporarily stored in the batteries of parked electric vehicles, or in additional batteries placed on-site.

This new system will be connected to the public direct current grid that was recently constructed by grid operator Alliander as a pilot project, aimed at preventing the loss of energy during the conversion to alternating current. Each part of this energy infrastructure is sustainably developed, using the basic principles of the circular economy. The supporting structure for the solar panels for instance, are made from recyclable composite materials. The light weight of this composite also requires a lighter foundation. Furthermore, the design can integrate cables on the roofing, so that no excavation work is required to install the cables underground.

The design phase of this project commenced in January 2017, during which the IT management system is also designed that will determine how to distribute harvested energy and how charging and discharging will take place. This process is now well underway. In addition to all technical developments, the business case is further detailed to grow towards a profitable PowerParking concept with no requirements for public funding.

In the next step, a small PowerParking model will be built at the Green Village test location at the Technical University of Delft. Several scenarios will be tested with this model, while user surveys are completed to determine the pivot point at which it becomes attractive for EV owners to offer their car batteries for temporary energy storage while parking. Once testing is completed, the project will be built at the terrains of Lelystad Airport and Lelystad Airport Business Park and results will be monitored.

During the last project phase, the PowerParking results will be evaluated, while also looking forward to consider how this pilot project can be developed further to implement it at other parking areas, for instance at Schiphol International Airport. The PowerParking project will continue until the end of 2019.


PowerParking receives a € 1.2M grant from the European Union and an € 0.5M grant from the Dutch Province of Flevoland, granted by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The Dutch Province of Flevoland has developed this project together with Lelystad Airport, the Schiphol Group, Lelystad Airport Businesspark, TU Delft, Pontis Engineering, Eneco and Alfen. PowerParking contributes to the energy transition and the reduction of carbon emissions.