Alfen: the center and unifying factor in the electricity grid 29-06-2016 Experiences, expertise and innovative power represented in new corporate identity, website and pay-off. With the introduction of a completely new visual identity and slogan, Alfen ushers in a new era. In the 75-year history of the company, the world has changed significantly and so has Alfen. But the company from Almere, the Netlerhands, is still the center and connecting factor in the domestic and foreign electricity grid. With its shield, the new logo reflects the reliability that Alfen offers whereas the spark symbolizes innovative power. The new slogan expresses the central role that Alfen has in the energy sector: Power to Adapt.

 Besides the well-known and recognizable transformer substations of Alfen, the company supplies energy solutions for the future such as energy storage, substation automation, power grids and ICU charge points.


“We thought it was high time for a new corporate identity with a new logo. The shield stands for the reliability and security that Alfen offers "says Marco Roeleveld, CEO Alfen. "The spark in the middle symbolizes innovation. After all, a good idea or new development always begins with a spark. At Alfen this is no different."


"Our new color does not come out of the blue either: we exchanged purple and blue for a fresh light blue. Blue matches well with our innovative power and our activities regarding energy. Alfen and ICU reinforce each other with the experience, expertise and innovation that both companies posses. This is now also reflected in the style of ICU and Alfen. They are now visiblly part of the same family."


With a new corporate identity comes a new website. The new website enables the company to carry out its craftsmanship even better. Roeleveld: "The new site enables visitors to actively find information about who we are and what we have to offer the visitor of the website, whether it is energy storage, transformer substations or management and maintenance. The site is also well-organized and visually up to date. "