Alfen selected to deliver micro-grid for large-scale expansion of Combivliet 17-04-2018

Alfen to expand micro-grid for one of Europe’s largest tomato greenhouses

Alfen was selected to deliver a micro-grid for the power supply of a large-scale expansion of CombiVliet’s greenhouse tomatoes complex in Middenmeer, the Netherlands. Responding to the industry trends around automation, scale expansions and renewable energy, increasingly complex energy solutions are being required.

Eight-steps expansion program

CombiVliet is a family company producing about 70 million kilos tomatoes per year, with their largest location being NoordVliet Middenmeer. At this location, CombiVliet and its partners are working on an eight-steps expansion plan that was initiated in 2011. Currently, phase six is being initiated, adding about 12 hectares of greenhouses to the facilities.

Growing together

Alfen has been supporting CombiVliet with the energy infrastructure for its greenhouse expansions since 2011. Until today, Alfen delivered the complete medium voltage private micro-grid, including over 40 substations for grow light, two energy centers for micro-grid control, a smart micro-grid with automatic emergency power and the local grid connection. Alfen has now been selected to continue its services for the further expansion of the facilities. As part of its scope, Alfen will also provide the engineering, project management, installation, commissioning and service of the micro-grid.

Richard Jongsma, Commercial Director at Alfen says: “The greenhouse horticulture sector is undergoing enormous innovations and growth. This results is many new challenges for the electricity grid, which Alfen is well-equipped to address.”

Roy van Vliet, location manager of CombiVliet NoordVliet, adds: “The complexity of our local energy system requires an extremely robust and reliable power grid. Our company slogan is ‘Growing together’, which we consider to be an integral part of our business. Also our partnership with Alfen is part of this philosophy: we are experts in and passionate about growing tomatoes, whereas Alfen is providing its expertise around the energy grid to offer us a reliable basis for our business.”

Phase six of the expansion is expected to be completed in 2018.

About CombiVliet

CombiVliet is a family company that was founded in the mid 1950´s and over the years expanded to multiple locations, where five types of tomatoes are cultivated: cherry tomatoes, snack tomatoes, cocktail tomatoes, big tomatoes on the vine and medium tomatoes on the vine. Their largest location is NoordVliet Middenmeer, in the centre of the Agriport area in North Holland. This area, where over 400 hectares of greenhouse horticulture is situated, is operated by Energy Combination Wieringermeer (ECW). ECW works with a multi-resource smart grid that optimises heat, power and CO2 supply for its customers. ECW is active in large scale geothermal projects, transporting the heat from 2,500 meters underground to the greenhouses. Alfen is facilitating the grid connection for these projects.

Combivliet - Middenmeer - the Netherlands