Alfen has been certified with Eichrecht for its Electric Vehicle Charge Points in the German market 30-07-2019

Alfen has been certified with Eichrecht for its Electric Vehicle Charge Points in the German market

Alfen has been granted Eichrecht conformity for both its public and semi-public electric vehicle (EV) charge points by CSA, in line with the guidelines of PTB – the national metrology institute of Germany. The conformity indicates that Alfen’s charge points adhere to the latest German Weights and Measures Act. Alfen has not only received the Baumusterprüfbescheinigung (Module B) certification, but also the Module D conformity on quality assurance of the production process. This means that Alfen has an approved quality system for production, final product inspection and testing of Eichrecht products.  

Eichrecht assures the user of an Alfen charge point of a reliable, trustworthy transaction, in line with the requirements set by German law. Alfen has acquired Eichrecht conformity by adding a proprietary smart adapter to its charge stations, which ensures the safekeeping of transaction information while maintaining full flexibility in terms of adding new services and features. Furthermore, Alfen’s solution is fully compatible to the S.A.F.E. initiative, which allows end-users of charging infrastructure to validate their transactions using one single software tool irrespective of the charge station used.

The Eichrecht conformity is applicable to Alfen’s Eve Double PG-line and Eve Double Pro-line. The former is Alfen’s public charge point especially developed for the German market, while the latter is Alfen’s semi-public charge point which is used for offices, supermarkets, shopping malls and similar locations.

Jan-Anne Hoekstra, Commercial Director for Alfen Charging Equipment, comments: “We are delighted that we have been awarded Eichrecht conformity. This is a key step to further grow our position in the German e-mobility market. It underpins our commitment and drive to serve markets across Europe while adhering to the local regulations.”

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