Alfen ICU participates in the largest local initiative in the Netherlands 19-01-2016

Expert in the field of electric infrastructure takes on a leading role in STEK

Alfen ICU joined STEK to participate in the largest local initiative in the Netherlands in the field of electric infrastructure. STEK is the first project of GBCT (Green Business Club Twente), a joint operation formed by various entrepreneurs from the Dutch Twente region, who want to turn the region in the most sustainable area in the country. The first steps toward this path have now been taken, as a network of over five hundred smart charge points is aimed at improving electric transportation in the region.

The STEK network will compose of 500 charge point in this region. With smart charging technology, this charging network will contribute to optimizing the entire energy chain. The charge points will be implemented in cooperation with Alfen ICU and various regional partners and entrepreneurs. This turns STEK into the largest local initiative in the Netherlands.

Alfen ICU has long been involved with the development and delivery of charge points for electric transportation and innovative concepts such as energy storage and smart grid technology. “We are proud that Alfen ICU now is an official STEK project partner’, said Richard Jongsma, the company director of Alfen ICU.

The fact that, of all available options, Alfen ICU became the partner to team up with STEK, didn’t come as a surprise. The Dutch company, based on Almere, is more frequently asked to take on the role of being a primary partner during innovative projects. One example, is the important contribution Alfen made to the largest solar park projected in the Netherlands, where no less than 24,000 solar panels are located that generate a 6 Megawatt output; equal to 20% of the total energy need for this island.