Alfen provides Smart charging hardware Pilot project Qurrent 02-11-2017

Pilot project "Smart charging"

Energy supplier Qurrent is starting a pilot today with a number of customers to charge electric cars smarter and with lower cost. The cars in the trial will automatically start to charge when prices are low. The charging tariff changes based on supply and demand. In this way, savings of up to EUR 150 can be obtained. If this pilot project is successful Qurrent will make smart charging available to all its customers.

The “Smart charging” App allows users to choose whether they want to charge their car quickly, or, if the customer has more time available, more economically. The pilot is intended to see how quickly economic benefits can be obtained and to analyse the charging behaviour of the participants.

Wibo Elzinga of Alfen: “We are proud to be part of this pilot project. We have more than eight years of experience in supplying reliable and intelligent charging points for electric vehicles. As one of the first players in the market, we work with the OCPP 1.6 Protocol, making our hardware suitable for smart charging.”

Rob Massuger of Qurrent: “We are constantly assessing ways to make renewable energy more attractive. Electric transport will play an important role in the future. By making electric driving more economical and easier to use, it also becomes accessible for a larger group of people. In the end, that is what we want to do. We are helping to make the Netherlands become more sustainable.”

The pilot project starts today and will last for a year. Participants use various electric cars such as the Mitsubishi Outlander, Opel Ampera E, Tesla Model S, Volkswagen Passat GTE and Renault Zoë.