Alfen receives 2017 award 29-09-2017



Alfen receives 2017 award for best learning company in Technology & Built Environment studies

ALMERE, THE NETHERLANDS – Collaborative organisation Vocational Education Labour Market (VELM) chose Alfen as the best learning company for students of intermediate vocational studies in the Technology & Built Environment specialisation. Certified learning companies carry out the practical part of their learning curricula and therefore deliver an important contribution to the future of skilled workmanship.

With the annual election of the best learning company and the best apprenticeship company, the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture & Science and VELM put 230,000 certified learning companies and 300,000 practical training companies in the spotlight. With internships and apprenticeships, they provide for roughly half of the total educative time spent on 500,000 students of these vocational studies.

Alfen has long offered Work & Learn positions to vocational students in the heart of the energy transition. The Training Coordinator at Alfen, Ezra Dasberg, explains: “We believe it is important to enable students to learn in a practical environment within our organisation, and offer them the opportunity to further develop their skills at Alfen. This also helps us to stay connected with today’s educational standards. Furthermore, it enables us to discover talented students. Our industry is growing exponentially, offering many opportunities for students to grow towards a paid position within our company, or obtain a spot at our own Alfen Academy, created together with the Deltion College. We proudly accept this award as a recognition of our longstanding commitment in this field.”

About Alfen

With smart grid solutions, energy storage systems, charging stations for electric vehicles and a diverse portfolio of other products, systems and services, Alfen has a central and connecting role in the energy grid.

Alfen’s transformer substations provide millions of households and companies with energy, while thousands of electric vehicles make daily use of Alfen’s charging stations. The Alfen energy storage system is used for applications such as load balancing, energy trading, frequency regulation and creating autonomous electricity grids in combination with solar or wind energy.

With its large range of in-house developed products and vast experience as systems integrator, Alfen is building the electricity grid of the future: reliable, sustainable and innovative.