Alfen smart energy solutions enable social workplace, Caparis, to optimise use of self-generated solar. 07-05-2019

Alfen smart energy solutions enable social workplace, Caparis, to optimise use of self-generated solar

Alfen has been selected by Dutch social workplace, Caparis, to provide integrated smart grid, electric vehicle charging and energy management solutions at two of its sites in the Netherlands. The projects’ objectives are to maximise use of self-generated solar and promote the use of clean vehicles. 

Caparis is a social workplace whose shares are held by eight Dutch municipalities. The organisation helps people to make a positive contribution to society by providing work opportunities to those who struggle, or are not able, to find work in their own right through normal channels. In line with this ethos, elements of both projects will be delivered by Caparis’ workers.

Alfen’s smart energy solution will complement solar panels at two of Caparis’ three locations, Heerenveen and Drachten. The third location in Leeuwarden is under development. At each site, a new smart microgrid, with three Alfen substations, will be installed and connected. A total of ninety two Alfen Eve smart electric vehicle charge points will be installed within new car port infrastructure across both sites. These will be connected in Alfen Smart Charging Networks which use dynamic load balancing to spread the available energy across all vehicles charging at any one time. This offers maximum charging speeds within the confines of the local grid capacity.

Alfen Connect will act as an energy management system, continuously monitoring energy requirements at each site and prioritising self-generated solar for use by the facilities. The rest will be made available for vehicle charging, with any surplus fed into the grid. The solutions have also been configured to allow for further optimisation in future using battery storage.

Alex Bonnema, CEO at Caparis said: ‘Our whole focus as an organisation is on facilitating people to play an active positive and contributing role in society and we feel that being as sustainable as possible is part of that. Everybody has a role to play in a cleaner future and so encouraging the use of clean transport, using as much green energy ourselves as possible, and limiting our impact on the environment are important to us.’

‘We chose Alfen because of its reputation, ability to provide a whole solution that suits both our current and potential future needs, and shared belief in a society in which everyone can participate.’ 

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