Alfen delivers fully integrated solution for EV charging test site ElaadNL 19-04-2018

Alfen supplies integrated energy storage solution for EV charging test site of ElaadNL

ALMERE/ARNHEM, THE NETHERLANDS – Alfen, specialist in energy solutions for the future, was selected by knowledge and innovation centre ElaadNL to supply an integrated energy storage solution for ElaadNL’s electric vehicle (EV) charging test site in Arnhem, the Netherlands. This project complements Alfen’s previous assignments for ElaadNL consisting of Alfen’s EV charging equipment, load balancing charging plaza and substation for the connection to the grid. Together with the new storage facility, this integrated system provides ElaadNL with full testing capabilities around smart EV charging.

New smart EV charging test site

The Dutch grid operators are gaining experience with the impact of EV charging on the electricity grid through their involvement in ElaadNL, a knowledge and innovation centre in the field of smart charging infrastructure. ElaadNL recently created a test site at its headquarters in Arnhem consisting of all types of AC charging stations from multiple suppliers that are present in the public domain in the Netherlands. At this test site, EV manufacturers, grid operators and ElaadNL can test the functionality of EVs in combination with various charging stations, including power quality effects and smart charging options. The test site was officially opened by Stientje van Veldhoven, State Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Management, on April 18th 2018.

Integrated energy storage solution

Alfen was selected to provide an integrated energy storage system to the EV test site of ElaadNL. The storage system has a capacity of 138kWh and will support research on power quality challenges and the usability of storage for balancing (renewable) energy production and demand on the energy markets. In addition, the system will be used to optimize the charging of EVs in relation to the available grid capacity. The storage system can also provide the additional power needed for certain testing protocols.

Storage as solution for high penetration of EVs

Onoph Caron, Managing Director of ElaadNL explains: “With the increasing penetration of electric vehicles we expect more concentrated peak demand for electricity, for example in residential areas where multiple people connect their EVs to the grid at the end of a working day. But also in parking areas at for example hotels and stadiums we can expect more concentrated EV charging. This will have an increasing impact on the electricity grid, which can be mitigated through the deployment of smart charging and energy storage. With the storage system, we can now simulate and experiment with these possibilities at our own testing ground for EV charging in Arnhem.”

Richard Jongsma, Commercial Director at Alfen, adds: “This is a very nice example of Alfen’s ability to offer fully integrated solutions to our clients. We supplied EV charging equipment, our load balancing charging plaza, the connection to the grid and now also our energy storage system to ElaadNL. As partners in the Living Lab Smart Charging, ElaadNL and Alfen prepare the grid for a future of more decentralized renewable energy generation and consumption as a result of a higher penetration of EVs. The penetration of EVs in the Netherlands is amongst the highest in Europe and, as such, we can gain valuable experience that can be leveraged throughout the country as well as internationally.”

About ElaadNL

Knowledge and innovation center ElaadNL researches and tests the possibilities for Smart Charging: charging electric vehicles in a reliable, affordable and sustainable way. ElaadNL is an initiative of the joint Dutch grid operators. The testing ground of ElaadNL is located in Arnhem, the Netherlands. For further information see ElaadNL’s website at:


ElaadNL test site - Arnhem - the Netherlands

Photo: ElaadNL