Alfen supplies smart transformer substations for new solar park Borssele 23-06-2020

Alfen supplies smart transformer substations for new solar park Borssele

At the site of Elektriciteits-Productiemaatschappij Zuid-Nederland (EPZ) - an energy production company in the South of the Netherlands - in the Sloe area in Zeeland, the Netherlands, Alfen supplied smart transformer substations for a new large solar park, by order of PFALZSOLAR.

EPZ, the operator of the nuclear plant in Borssele, tasked PFALZSOLAR with installing 60,000 solar panels on the former grounds and the adjacent plot. The total capacity of the solar park is 21MWp and can supply 7,000 households with green energy. In this project, Alfen supplied high-voltage substations and transformer substations that are optimally suited for the latest technology in solar installations. The solar park Borssele is one of the first in the Netherlands that has 186kW 800V inverters. For this, Alfen developed specially tailored low-voltage distribution systems.

At the same site, the installation of wind turbines with a combined capacity of approximately 20MWp is scheduled for 2020 and 2021. EPZ thereby reaches CO2 neutrality with generating nuclear, wind and solar power. Combining wind and solar on one connection is efficient, as in the Netherlands it is usually the case that when it is windy the sun is not out and vice versa. The benefits of the combination of solar and wind energy on the same connection thereby provides a more stable energy generation and often has a better economic return, since the grid load is distributed more evenly and peaks are reduced.

Jürgen Hampel, Head of Sales and Development of Large-Scale Projects at PFALZSOLAR comments: "Alfen is a company that has earned its stripes with regard to knowledge and expertise in smart grid solutions. For decades they have proven that experience and continuous innovation ultimately leads to the efficient and high-quality solutions offered today and that are particularly suited for projects such as the solar park in Borssele. The tailored solutions and pleasant long-standing relationship with Alfen makes them the ideal partner for this project."

Serge Kraaijeveld, sales manager smart grid solutions at Alfen, adds: "We are happy to have a partner like PFALZSOLAR and their ambition to realise solar parks in the Netherlands. With our tailored solutions and expertise on the Dutch market we are happy to help PFALZSOLAR in implementing their projects on time and in accordance with the Dutch standards. PFALZSOLAR is an esteemed partner and together we already realised multiple solar parks. This project is another great example of a sustainable energy project where Alfen provides an important contribution to the energy transition."

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Solar park Borssele, Sloe area - the Netherlands