Alfen's TheBattery to power Awakenings Easter Specials 03-04-2018

Keep Yourself and the Planet AWAKE


Alfen’s mobile energy storage system TheBattery was used by Greener (, a sustainable energy provider for events and off-grid situations, to power dance event Awakenings at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam during the Easter weekend.

Dieter Castelein, Co-founder at Greener, comments: “Old diesel cars are being banned from city centers, but events and construction sites still rely on polluting diesel generators most of the time. With our mobile battery storage solutions we now have the technology to offer green energy to locations such as here at Awakenings. It is our ambition to roll-out this solution to many more festivals and construction sites in the Benelux.”

Stephanie Schockaert, Sales Manager Energy Storage at Alfen, adds: “Battery power in combination with renewable energy sources such as solar or wind can increasingly compete with diesel generators. Our transportable storage solution is uniquely positioned to be deployed at temporary locations such as festivals or construction sites. But we also supply large-scale off-grid storage and solar PV systems, for example to power a cacao processing factory in Africa with clean and reliable energy.”

Jasper Schimmel, Producer of Awakenings, says: “When I learned about the plans of Greener and Alfen I immediately recognized the opportunities for our events. As a first step we will power our Eastern editions in the Westergasfabriek on this battery system. Later this year, at Awakenings Festival in the Summer, we will also use this battery power to supply our large outdoor stage with electricity. Everything with the goal: Keep Yourself and the Planet AWAKE.”


The Westergasfabriek - Amsterdam - Netherlands