Alfen wins award ‘Best overall education program’ Netherlands 27-11-2017



Alfen wins election for best in-house education program of the Netherlands

Alfen was elected as the best education program for vocational studies in the Netherlands by the Dutch organisation for vocational studies SBB (Samenwerkingsorganisatie Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven). In September, Alfen already won this award in the technology sector, and now also holds the title for ‘Best overall education program’, chosen from a field of 230,000 certified training companies in the Netherlands.

This annual election in which the best teaching company and the best apprenticeship company in the Netherlands is chosen, is hosted by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture & Science and SBB. It puts 230,000 certified teaching companies and 300,000 practical training companies into the spotlight. These companies are responsible for roughly half of the education program of 500,000 students of various vocational studies.

During the Ambassador’s Gala on November 23rd, Alfen received the award for best overall education program from the Dutch Minister of Education, Culture & Science, Ingrid van Engelshoven, the Chairman of the Vocational Studies Council and Vice-Chairman of SBB, Ton Heerts, and the Chairman of the Dutch SME Association, Michaël van Straalen.

A year in the spotlight
Alfen has offered traineeships for students of vocational educations for years, right in the heart of the energy transition. As the official ambassador for all teaching companies in the Netherlands on behalf of SBB, the winner of the award is the centre of attention in the upcoming year.

Ezra Dasberg, the Training Coordinator at Alfen, says: “We think it’s important to enable students to learn in a practical environment, which we offer. It presents them with an opportunity to refine their skills at Alfen. Meanwhile, it helps us to stay in touch with evolving educational standards. The ability to discover new talents during internships is valuable as well. As our industry is growing rapidly, students with completed curricula are often hired in entry level positions or are admitted to our own company academy, the Alfen Academy, managed  in collaboration with the Deltion College. We take great pride in accepting this award as a recognition for our longstanding commitment in this field.”

In the past years, the company academy at Alfen received multiple awards. In 2009, 2013 and 2014, Alfen was selected as the internship company of the year in the Almere region, while being the runner-up in the national internship company of the election in 2015. 


Marco Roeleveld, Managing Director Alfen received this prestigious award from Ingrid van Engelshoven, Minister of Education, Culture and Science.


Photo: MBO Raad Netherlands