Smart charging with the Eve Mini 21-03-2016

This April, ICU Charging Equipment has introduced the ICU Eve Mini, the latest charge point for electric vehicles in the ICU Eve range. ICU’s new compact charging station has been designed with a focus on optimal usability, combined with the most recent and innovative technology.

“With the Eve Mini, we set a new standard when it comes to charging stations for electric vehicles” says Alex Earl, UK Country Manager for ICU Charging Equipment.

The maintenance-free Eve Mini has been designed with the most recent trends in electric driving and ‘smart charging’ in mind. Thus the Eve Mini can increase or decrease its charging speed based on inputs from various devices, such as a smart metre. This is also possible with multiple Eve Minis at the office for example. Earl: “Practically, this means that you can get the most out of your existing grid connection without the need for expensive upgrade costs whilst still ensuring your electric vehicle charges quickly and safely.”

According to Earl, the market demands increasingly compact and affordable charging stations that communicate with various back office and payment systems. Uniquely ICU offers its charging stations SIM lock free. The main advantage is that the user has a free choice of a service provider for charging services just like in the market of mobile phones. Earl: “With this, we offer our customers flexibility in choosing their preferred charging subscription.”

With dimensions of approximately 1.5 times the size of an A4 sheet of paper, the Eve Mini is exceptionally compact and one of the smallest such chargers in the market. This makes the latest ICU offering optimally suited for the EV driver who is looking for a charge point at home or at the office. “Moreover, we are introducing the Eve Mini in the market at a highly competitive price, setting a new standard in regards to value for money”, says Earl.

As the only compact charger in the market, the socket version of the Eve Mini features a full colour LED display. This offers companies the opportunity to show their own logo and branding on the charger but also creates a unique opportunity for advertising.

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