Worchester UK, 27th of Februari 2017 - Installation of ICU smart chargers for Electric Nation project 27-02-2017 One of the first Electric Nation participants, Clive Harding, who lives near Worcester, has now had an ICU Eve Mini smart charger installed for his Nissan LEAF.

He joined Electric Nation as he was interested in the technology behind the project. Clive says: “I now have a smart charger fitted that is faster than a standard charger, and every time I charge my car the data will help to ensure that the UK’s local electricity networks can cope with the predicted increase in the number of electric vehicles.”  The largest charging project in the world wants to connect up to 700 EV owners to ICU smart chargers that use solid smart ware. With the growing number of electric vehicles, the load on the electric grid becomes bigger. Electric Nation prevents expensive investments in the grid and black-outs in case of overload.