12 June 2023

Alfen and Stedin collaborate to drive sustainable energy infrastructure in the Netherlands

We are proud to announce that Alfen has signed a multi-year framework agreement with Dutch grid company Stedin for the supply of our Pacto transformer stations and Altro prefabricated walk-in stations.

As the third largest regional grid operator in the Netherlands, Stedin plays a crucial role in the Dutch energy sector by ensuring a reliable supply of electricity and gas, and driving the transition to a more sustainable and resilient energy infrastructure. Amidst the transition to net zero, Stedin is committed to expanding the electricity grid, gearing up to install over 500 transformer substations throughout the Utrecht, Zeeland and Zuid-Holland prov  in the upcoming year alone.

For its part, Alfen is stepping up in a big way to meet the surging demand from its customers. We're more than doubling our production capacity for transformer substations. This means Alfen will be able to supply a considerable number of stations, supporting the required amounts over the next four years. And there’s a possibility of extending this collaboration for up to eight years.

To meet the growing electricity demand, Stedin will purchase two types of Pacto compact stations from Alfen: the Pacto 25 and the Pacto 30. Additionally, Stedin will acquire a customised version of the newly released Altro, a sustainable prefab walk-in substation for medium voltage grid connections from Alfen.

The stations will serve as essential hubs in the Dutch energy network, facilitating the integration of solar panels, EV charging stations and heat pumps.

Alfen’s Pacto stations have achieved widespread adoption among Dutch grid operators. Enexis and Liander were among the first to adopt Pacto compact stations. Now, with the recent agreement reached with Stedin, the three biggest regional grid operators in the Netherlands are embracing Pacto compact stations that serve as a centralised point for distributing electricity in a compact and efficient manner. Stedin will receive the Pacto configurations that best suit their requirements, enabling them to facilitate the energy transition.