03 April 2024

Alfen prepares for AFIR’s EV charging station regulations to take effect in just 10 days

The Netherlands, 3 April 2024 – Beginning April 13, 2024, new rules will apply to newly installed EV charging stations throughout Europe, marking just 10 short days until implementation. What do you need to know about the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR), Alfen’s preparations to comply and the impending changes? Let’s dive into it.

With the adoption of AFIR, more recharging and refueling stations for alternative fuels will be deployed in the coming years across Europe, enabling the transport sector to significantly reduce its carbon footprint. Plus drivers will be able to charge their EVs as easily as they do in traditional petrol stations – if not easier!

At Alfen, we know how important this transition is to enabling mass EV adoption, and we’re ready to support our customers every step of the way. 

Countdown with Alfen

As the law was adopted in the summer of 2023, Alfen started thinking about how we would engage with it by upgrading our current EV charging products, starting with our new public charger, Twin 5 Plus. 

In August last year, we began publicly discussing the implications in a blog post as this regulation facilitates electric driving across Europe. What are our solutions? What are the safest ways to help our users with price transparency and safe and reliable identification? 

In March 2024, we began actively engaging with our audience(s), providing the latest insights in another blog post to ensure they are informed about the upcoming changes and our portfolio of solutions. 

Renewed Twin 5 Plus offering

As part of our commitment to meeting the new regulations, Alfen introduced the renewed Twin 5 Plus. This enhanced EV charging station offers state-of-the-art features to optimise charging efficiency and compatibility with the AFIR standards. Visit our Twin 5 Plus product page.

Updated Eve Single Pro-line and Eve Double Pro-line offering

We also updated the firmware for our display chargers to display dynamic QR codes. This solution was tested with several EU-wide back-office providers and worked like a charm. 

With this solution, all our chargers with display can be updated to comply with AFIR. 

‘Digital, unique QR code’

“In June 2023 it was clear to Alfen’s product management team that AFIR required several updates to our product line”, said Chris Heineman, Product Manager for Alfen’s public EV chargers. 

“After brainstorming, we decided that a digital, unique QR code to start a transaction is the best interpretation of AFIR regarding ad-hoc charging. This emphasises our push for safe and reliable products. Our R&D experts started developing firmware alterations and an upgrade for our Twin 5. I was very proud with the release of the firmware with dynamic QR codes in March, as well as the release of the Twin 5 Plus in such a short timeframe, allowing us to support our customers with compliant products.” 

Order books open

Last week, Alfen opened its order books for the renewed Twin 5 Plus. We’ve already received our first orders, indicating a positive response from our customers. Don’t miss out on securing your advanced EV charging solution ahead of the regulatory changes. Schedule a contact moment here.  

We remain committed to accelerating mass EV adoption in Europe and look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead. Stay tuned for more updates and insights from Alfen as we continue to drive innovation in the electric mobility sector. Subscribe to our email publication here

More information

For more information and guidance on implementing AFIR compliance with Alfen’s solutions, download our comprehensive implementation guide today.