05 November 2020

Alfen supplies an integrated energy solution with energy storage, charging plaza and local grid connection for PZEM Middelburg

PZEM, a Dutch energy producer and supplier, has selected Alfen for the supply of an energy storage system in combination with grid integration and a charging plaza for electric vehicles at its office in the Middelburg municipality. This project is a good example of Alfen's role in the energy transition. The combination of products from all 3 of Alfen's business units (Smart Grid Solutions, Energy Storage Solutions and Alfen Charging Equipment) offer PZEM a unique and reliable solution for their energy challenge. Something that will be needed increasingly as the energy transition unfolds.

Realisation phase of energy storage system and smart charging plaza
Alfen's energy storage system, called TheBattery, will be placed at PZEM in the first quarter of 2021. This battery ensures that the electricity from the network is stored in a 'container battery'. The charging plaza, equipped with 10 smart Alfen Eve Double charge points, has already been successfully installed. If many vehicles are charging simultaneously, the electricity from the energy storage system can be used, reducing the strain on the electricity grid. For the integration with the grid, Alfen also installed a transformer substation.

Charging plaza with charge points for electric vehicles
The 10 Alfen Eve Double charge points can charge 20 electric vehicles at the same time. Since the charging plaza has to consider the limits of the local grid connection, dynamic load balancing has been integrated. This smart functionality enables each vehicle to charge as quickly and safely as possible, regardless of the total capacity and number of vehicles that are being charged at the same time. 

1MW Energy storage system
To further increase flexibility and capacity, the addition of an energy storage system is a logical follow-up. Therefore, Alfen supplies TheBattery, a Plug-and-Play energy storage system the size of a container, meant for storing electricity. This Alfen battery has a capacity of over 1MW, which is comparable with the simultaneous consumption of approximately 3,000 households. When the energy supply is too high, thus when the electricity grid is out of balance, electricity is stored. Conversely, when energy supply is low, the storage system feeds energy back. This way, highs and lows on the grid can be absorbed and balanced out by the battery. 

Niels Unger, COO PZEM says: “We are very happy to have Alfen as our partner in this project. We chose Alfen for its comprehensive expertise of the energy grid and its innovative flexible solutions that enable the energy transition. There is an increasing disparity in the electricity supply and demand. The need for flexibility to balance out the energy market and the grid infrastructure will increase, and price fluctuations will become more extreme. This is an increasing risk for both supply and demand. PZEM responds to this by , among other things, choosing smart flexible solutions. A concrete example is the purchase of this mega battery of Alfen for the storage of electricity. By storing electricity, we balance out the energy supply and demand and directly help to limit significant infrastructural investments in the electricity grid. This aligns well with the strategy of PZEM". 

Stephanie Schockaert, Sales Manager Energy Storage at Alfen adds: "We are excited to realise this project together with PZEM, where all of Alfen's Business Units are combined. We believe that if we consume and produce more and more electricity from renewable sources, the energy challenge will become increasingly complex and our integrated solutions will offer a solution. PZEM is a leader in innovative energy projects. Together we build the energy grid of the future."