19 September 2023

Alfen’s EGM appoints Maria Anhalt as member to the Supervisory Board

Alfen N.V. (“Alfen”) announces that its Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) has today appointed Maria Anhalt as new member of Alfen’s Supervisory Board until the AGM of 2027.

The Supervisory Board is pleased with the qualifications that Maria Anhalt brings to this position. Ms. Anhalt (52) obtained relevant Supervisory Board experience from her current position as supervisory board member of Hewlett-Packard Germany as well as internal (supervisory) director of the start-up (not publicly listed) company Argus. Since January 2021, Maria Anhalt is the Chief Executive Officer of Elektrobit Gmbh at Erlangen, a global company with about 4,000 employees. Continental is a 100% shareholder of Elektrobit.

Ms. Anhalt brings technical and commercial expertise regarding software and services and brings a well-developed perspective on technology and the energy transition. She brings strong growth experience in a cross border international environment with experience in Europe and the United States. She is an experienced engineering and business leader with an engaging personality.

This is reflected in the past positions that she has held, among which: (i) Vice President R&D Operations at HP Enterprises in Palo Alto, California United States, (ii) Vice President Hybrid Cloud and Automation Software at Micro Focus International PLC in Newbury, United Kingdom and (iii) Senior Vice President, Head of Software at Continental AG in Hanover, Germany.

Ms. Anhalt will fill the vacancy that was created due to the stepping down of Eline Oudenbroek from her position as Supervisory Board member of the Company in April 2023. With Ms. Anhalt’s appointment, the Supervisory Board consists of 4 members.

In accordance with article 20.2 of the Company’s articles of association, the Supervisory  Board has determined during its meeting on 5 July 2022 to increase the number of  Supervisory Board members in office from three to four members in order to anticipate on the  continued growth and internationalization of the Company. Furthermore, the Supervisory  Board has appointed an audit committee and a remuneration committee from among its midst. Ms. Anhalt will become a member of the audit committee.

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