01 May 2024

Alfen’s turn-key grid project supports Looye’s sustainable greenhouse tomatoes

The Netherlands, 1 May – Energy supply in greenhouse horticulture is increasingly relying on electricity as the industry too becomes more sustainable. Dutch tomato giant, Looye Kwekers, is taking steps towards a greener future by partnering with Alfen to achieve carbon neutrality and energy efficiency by 2040.

As part of an agreement, sealed in December 2023, Alfen will provide a comprehensive suite of solutions to help Looye Kwekers in their journey towards energy and CO2 neutrality.

Alfen brings a turn-key solution to the table, delivering a medium voltage walk-in station, 6 Diabolo 40H compact stations equipped with 2500kVA transformers, and a Sicuro 116 generator connection box. This turn-key solution will help Looye Kwekers transition its operations towards a more sustainable energy model.

Alfen’s experts will install these stations, along with the necessary medium-voltage cabling, with the entire solution expected to be operational by October 2024.

Looye Kwekers, renowned for producing flavorful tomatoes under the brands Looye Honingtomaten, Looye Joyn tomatoes and Looye To Go tomatoes, operates across multiple locations in Naaldwijk and Burgerveen in the Netherlands and beyond. 

With a focus on taste and environmental responsibility, Looye Kwekers grows tomatoes in harmony with nature. 

The Looye Kwekers project location currently has 20 hectares of greenhouse space, with another 8,2 hectares under construction.

Alfen and Looye project

To prepare for future growth and to meet their sustainability goals, Looye Kwekers applied for a 60MW electricity connection from grid operator Liander, which should be in place by 2026. This significant upgrade will replace existing combined heat and power (CHP) units with more energy-efficient alternatives, such as heat pumps, while transitioning lighting systems to grid-powered LEDs.

The partnership between Looye Kwekers and Alfen spans over a decade, with Alfen already installing  20+ transformer substations across 2 greenhouse sites. The project underscores both companies’ dedication to long-term relationships with valued partners.

“In Alfen we find an experienced and specialist partner who can advise us in our pursuit of sustainability”, says Bastiaan Bouwman, Manager of Sustainabilty and Innovation at Looye Kwekers. “Choices we make now affect future possibilities so it's essential to get good advice on that.”

With this initiative, Looye Kwekers aims to demonstrate the compatibility of sustainable practices with business growth and high produce quality.

As they continue to innovate and invest in a “tasteful” future, Looye Kwekers invites others to join them in embracing sustainability for a brighter tomorrow.