15 December 2020

Direct payment with debit card possible at Alfen charging stations in Germany

Alfen is pleased to announce that the first Alfen charging station with Giro-e functionality will be put into use. Parkstrom, launching partner for Alfen charging stations with the Giro-e functionality, takes care of the placement and installation at the parking lots of its customer, a large German retail company.

Alfen, supplier and manufacturer of smart charging stations, among other things, is introducing Giro-e for its complete portfolio of German public and semi-public charging stations. The addition of this new functionality to Alfen's smart charging stations offers users the option of paying for a charging session directly with their Girocard debit card. Previously, this was only possible with specific charge cards. The Girocard user has the choice, charging sessions can now also be paid easily and securely with the contactless debit card.

Paying via Giro-e is just as easy as paying with a charge card. As soon as the contactless Girocard (debit card) is held in front of the reader, a clear and transparent charging experience is immediately offered via the full colour display of the Alfen charging station. The simple interface guides the customer through the loading and payment process. Before the actual charging starts, the applicable rates are shown for confirmation. Payments are quickly visible via the bank account overview of the Girocard owner.

The Giro-e functionality is available for all Eichrecht-compliant charging stations from Alfen. Alfen has previously been awarded this important Eichrecht certification by the PTB (National Metrology Institute of Germany) for all its German public and semi-public charging stations. This calibration guarantees a reliable transaction and allows the user to easily check the invoiced charging sessions. Previously purchased Eichrecht-compliant charging stations from Alfen without Giro-e functionality can still be equipped with the Giro-e module.

The German GLS Bank is the developer and operator of Giro-e and has been working on topics related to electromobility for some time now. About 95% of adults in Germany have a contactless Girocard. Adding Giro-e functionality to Alfen's charging stations makes it easier and more transparent for EV drivers to charge their car. The Girocard is a payment card network of German banks.

Uwe Nehrkorn, from GLS Bank says: “As a social-ecological bank, we want to contribute to a sustainable future. Mobility needs innovative solutions. The Giro-e payment option has been developed to give the growth of charging stations, and thus EV driving, an extra boost. In Alfen we found the innovative partner who was one of the first in the market to implement Giro-e in its public and semi-public charging stations. We are looking forward to a great cooperation and future.”

Stefan Pagenkopf-Martin, Managing Director of Parkstrom says: “We are very happy that Alfen decided to implement Giro-e as one of the first in the German market. We strongly believe that Giro-e serves the needs of e-car drivers as well as of the operators of charging infrastructures in a perfect way: easy handling, transparent accounting, and no roaming fees. To place customer needs in the center this way will have a major impact on the growth of the e-mobility sector in Germany.”  

Jeroen Pynenburg, Business Unit Director Alfen Charging Equipment, adds: “We are very happy with the collaboration with GLS Bank and Parkstrom. The addition of the Giro-e module to the Alfen charging stations makes our public and semi-public charging stations even more accessible for the EV driver because you can now simply pay with the debit card. As a developer and producer of charging infrastructure, we are delighted that we can offer the end user more convenience and transparency in this way.”