Smart energy solutions

The electricity grid of the future

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Smart grids

Thanks to our intrinsic knowledge, experienced engineers and large number of relevant products for the distribution of electrical energy, Alfen is able to offer total solutions in the field of high and medium-voltage grids in the public domain. Due to our years of experience with electrical installations, our work on a large number of projects and our in-house product development, Alfen is able to provide expert advice on the most efficient design for an electricity grid.

Alfen Diabolo substation dedicated for solar parks

EV charging solutions

Alfen offers a comprehensive assortment of electric charging stations for home, work and the public domain. The smart charging stations are available in a wide range of charging capacities and functionalities. The powerful combination of Alfen's transformer stations, energy storage systems and charging stations enables the company to strike an optimal balance between decentralised generation and consumption.

Oplaadpunten Eve Single Pro Alfen wit kantoor publiek

Energy storage solutions

The energy network is becoming increasingly sustainable and more decentralised. Industrial solutions for energy storage are an unavoidable condition for a well-functioning and sustainable electricity network. They are for example indispensable to aligning energy production and consumption as well as facilitating the growing number of electric vehicles.

Alfen TheBattery Mobile De Dijken

Integrated solutions

Electricity issues will become increasingly complex as the energy transition progresses to the next phase and more electricity is generated, transported and consumed. Alfen is unparalleled in its ability to deliver integral electricity solutions by seamlessly combining its products.

Alfen Connect

Alfen began providing solutions for power-grid automation as long ago as 2008 by establishing a digital connection between its charging devices for electric vehicles and the internet. Since then, the possibilities have expanded significantly, and transformer substations, charging stations and energy storage systems can now also be operated remotely. This is enabled by the various Alfen Connect modules.

  • Optimal operation of our products with 24/7 real-time insight

  • Remote operation, easy to integrate in every IT system

  • Secure operating platform for data and end-2-end infrastructure (ISO 27001)

  • The modules can be integrated at will, with external components as well

Alfen connect laptop Smart Grid pack


Alfen's vision is to realise a connected, smart and sustainable energy system for future generations. In order to achieve this objective, Alfen's mission is to drive the energy transition by developing, producing, integrating and connecting premium energy solutions that are innovative, reliable and smart. Alfen can make a powerful impact by enabling sustainable energy developments thanks to its smart grids, charging stations for electric vehicles and energy storage solutions.

Alfen battery storage solution at wind park Alexia