Smart charging services for Vandebron 05-10-2017

Energy supplier Vandebron is launching services for electric vehicles. Furthermore, Vandebron will start a pioneering pilot in October 2017 by using electric vehicles to balance the energy grid. With new Blockchain technology, EV-drivers are rewarded for contributing to the objective of making gas and coal-fires power plants obsolete. In this project Vandebron is also working together with Alfen who supplies smart charging stations for home and business use.

Vandebron offers full solutions for EV-drivers. In addition to a charge card, an app is included, addressing emerging needs of EV-drivers. “If you fill up your tank at a gas station, you see exactly what you’re paying, but EV-drivers often don’t know that while charging their batteries”, says Fardau van der Galiën, Business Developer Electric Vehicles at Vandebron. “We believe transparency is key, so we’re fully transparent in what drivers pay for each charging session and our services”. In a collaboration with Alfen, Vandebron offers EV drivers the ability to charge their vehicles at home.

In addition to EV-services, a pilot will start in October 2017 in collaboration with transmission grid operator TenneT. This pilot involves a select group of customers who will help to stabilise the energy grid by mitigating fluctuations. By smartly using the battery capacity of their electric vehicles, the EV-drivers turn into sustainable energy providors. Van der Galiën explains: “In short, we pause the charging of hundreds of vehicles if demand exceeds supply, and resume charging once the situation has reversed. With Smart Charging, we team up with EV-drivers to mitigate these fluctuations without having to rely on gas and coal-fired power plants”.

Richard Jongsma, Commercial Director at Alfen, explains: “Our smart chargers are ideally suited for innovative applications such as this. Our charging infrastructure is always based on the latest technology and offers extensive connectivity”.