01 June 2021

Alfen, ABB, ElaadNL, Fastned, Lightyear, NKL, Rocsys, Eindhoven University of Technology and VDL establish consortium to accelerate the transition to electric driving

Alfen, specialist in energy solutions for the future, is one of the initiators of an e-mobility consortium with eight parties to submit a Growth Plan to the Dutch National Growth Fund. The goal is to jointly drive scale and innovation in order to accelerate the transition to electric driving. In addition to Alfen, also ABB, ElaadNL, Fastned, Lightyear, NKL, Rocsys, Eindhoven University of Technology and VDL are part of the consortium. This group may be expanded with other partners.

The Growth Plan of the e-mobility consortium is aimed at accelerating the transition to electric mobility. By 2025, Dutch cities must be emission-free with regard to logistics transport. From 2030 onwards, there will be a ban on combustion engine sales and new cars must be emission-free. Additionally, by 2050 all road transport must be emission-free. This applies to both passenger vehicles and heavier vehicles.
Major steps must be taken to achieve the ambition of the Dutch government. Electric transport must become smarter and more efficient and charging infrastructure must be prepared to facilitate the rapid growth in the number of electric vehicles and thus the rapidly growing demand for charging capacity. The consortium aims to address this by jointly driving scale and innovation.

Marco Roeleveld, CEO at Alfen, said: “Alfen is boosting the energy transition through its innovative and smart energy solutions. An important part of the energy transition is the decarbonisation of the transportation sector as it accounts for approximately 25% of CO2 emissions in Europe, which can be achieved by transitioning to electric vehicles. With the solutions we offer in the area of smart EV charge points, battery energy storage solutions and smart grids, we are well positioned to enable this transition. Additionally, we are convinced that we can do it even faster by joining hands with this consortium.”