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Reliable and high-tech charge points for electric vehicles


Alfen offers a complete range of charge points for use at home, work and in public areas. These charge points are available in a large variety of charging capacities and functionalities. The unique combination of Alfen’s transformer substations, energy storage systems and charge points allows for optimal balancing of local grids.


  • Faster charging with our renewed Eve Single S-line

  • New charge points for home and business - Eve Single S-line and Eve Single Pro-line

  • DEKRA certified and tested by EV manufacturers

  • Back-office system to manage charging points and support transaction settlement

  • Sim-lock free: supporting multiple back-offices and transaction platforms


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Alfen product range

Alfen offers a full range of charging station for every application: at home, work or public areas. Each of our products have their distinct features making them optimally suited for every situation.

Where to buy?

Alfen charge points can be bought around the world. Please find our dealer listing here.


Alfen offers a wide range of services around your charging points, ranging from smart charging to back-end management and remote control of charge points. In addition Alfen has an extensive service and maintenance organization.


Regardless of whether you want to install a charging station at home, at an office building, in a parking garage or in a public area, at Alfen you will always find a solution that is perfect for any application. All of Alfen´s charging stations have been tested and approved so you can rely on solid and high quality products.

Watch the latest installation videos

Regardless of whether you want to install a charging station at home or in an office building, you will always find a charging solution at Alfen that is perfectly suited to every application. All Alfen charging stations are tested and approved, so you can rely on solid and high quality products. See here what is required for the installation of your charging station.

Unique features of our charging stations

Since 2008 Alfen has been developing and producing the most advanced charging stations for every electric vehicle. Our charging stations are produced with European A-quality components, tested and certified by renowned European car manufacturers, SIM unlocked and equipped with the latest developments in terms of smart charging and connectivity.

Special EV-products for the German and French markets

Alfen’s electric vehicle chargers adhere to the latest German Weights and Measurement Act by being Eichrecht conform, which guarantees a reliable, trustworthy transaction for public and semi-public chargers. For the French market, our charging stations are now optionally equipped with domestic plugs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to help you with your questions about our charging stations. You will find the most frequently asked questions from resellers and installers about Alfen charging stations by subject here.

Alfen Knowledge Base

Alfen Knowledge Base

Want a quick answer to your question about our charging stations? Check out our Knowledge Base. This platform allows our customers and installers to have further information readily available at any time and get answers to their questions faster.

Load balancing

Load Balancing or, in other words distribution of power, means that the charging station automatically divides the available power over the vehicles that are charging. The charger analyses the available capacity and how much power the vehicles require.

EV Chargepoint training

Want to know more about Alfen charging stations and all applications? Sign up for one of our training courses! We will answer questions about the different products, how to install a charging station and what our Smart Charging solutions are all about.


  • Greenhouse Horticulture
  • Grid Operators
  • Industry
  • Sustainable Energy


  • Integrated energy storage solution

  • Electrifying vehicle fleet Stedin

  • Alfen charging stations as the solution for sustainable technology

  • Charge points Allego for new charging service for at home and at work LeasePlan

  • LV Connect & Manage project

  • EV chargers for dealers Jaguar Land Rover in Europe

  • EV charging stations for e-mobility customers and dealerships D'Ieteren

  • Alfen EV charging stations at Opel headquarters in Germany

  • Expansion EV charging infrastructure Allego

  • West of England Partnership selected Alfen to implement charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

  • 1,000 Allego chargers for provinces of Groningen and Drenthe

  • Alfen supplies smart charging stations to Joju Solar

  • Integrated, smart energy solutions supplied to Caparis locations

  • Electric Nation UK

    Electric Nation UK

  • Public chargers throughout Belgium

    Public chargers throughout Belgium

  • EV smart charging hub for NL MAB

    EV smart charging hub for NL MAB

  • EV Chargers for European Commission

    EV Chargers for European Commission

  • Smart Grid in Balance

  • Green Business Club Twente

  • City of The Hague

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With its large range of in-house developed products and vast experience as systems integrator, Alfen is building the electricity grid of the future: reliable, sustainable and innovative. Call us at +31 36 54 93 400 or send an e-mail.

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